Attack Wide Arm Dummy

Attack Wide Arm Dummy

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Tribal dummies

The ATTACK Dummy is 1600m wide; the base is 1000mm deep; height is 1700mm. The height of the arms is adjustable. In the lowest position, ground to upper arms is 122cm. In the highest position, ground to upper arms is 157cm

There are 2 variations for the Upper Arm Measurements. Measurements are made from the centre of the tips of the upper arms. Orders by

default are for the Wide Arm Dummy, if you would like the Close Arm variation, please specify under 'special instructions' of the order form.

Wide Arm: 23cm when closed (minimum opening) & 28cm when open (maximum opening)
Close Arm:16cm when closed (minimum opening) & 21cm when open (maximum opening)

* Standard dummy colour is brown. Black dummies available by special request, at an extra cost of $50